Reservations And Special Events

Reserving Space

  • We don't schedule large events of more than 45 on Fridays or Saturdays from June through September. 


  • We do hold space for smaller gatherings of up to 45. We save tables until 15 minutes after your reservation time. Your entire party should plan to arrive at the time of the reservation. It's not fair to our other customers to save space for a whole party when only one or two members of your group are holding the spot. 

Capacity and Covered Space

  • Our seating capacity is 300 if some guests are mingling and socializing as at a cocktail party. We have two covered pavilions that seat 25 each and have awnings that cover an additional 20 seats each. These areas provide shade and will keep you dry in a light drizzle, but not a blowing storm. 

Rain Closure

  • Part of our charm is that the Beer Garden is outdoors. However, we do get rained out a few times a summer. Plan a rain date, if possible. We do not close when the forecast predicts rain, if it is merely misting, or if our radar map indicates the rain will stop within half an hour. Rain closure decisions are only made by Bill's Beer Garden management

When We are Open: Check our hours here.

All the Details

  • Tents & Early Setup

We can't set up tents at Bill's because during the day our space is the active parking lot for Downtown Home & Garden. For the same reason there is limited time for guests that want to arrive early to set up decorations or a welcome table, etc. Let us know if you need a little set up time and we will try to accommodate you. T​here is space for quick drop offs in the street but no parking inside Downtown Home & Garden's parking lot while you are setting up. 

  • Food

We don't serve food but you are welcome to bring your own, have carry-out delivered, or have your event catered. If you are having your event catered, your caterer must let us know what they will need for electricity, water, trash disposal, set up time and how many tables they will use. We hate last minute surprises. Have the caterer contact Mark: or (734)255-0208.​

  • Tabs & Gratuity

You may run a tab on a credit card and you may set a limit on your tab. All tabs must be settled at the end of your event. We add an 18% gratuity for our staff to all event tabs. ​

  • Anyone Under the Age of 21 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. 

  • Customers must have a current, government issued form of ID. This is the law and the police enforce it strictly.

Large Events Open to the Public

To plan for a large event while we continue to serve to the public such as a fundraiser or donor appreciation party:

  • Planning Requirements

We must know at least 10 days in advance of the date of your event. We also need to know how many people you expect, how you will promote the event, and the time it will start and end.


  • We have tickets or bracelets you may give your guests to differentiate them from other beer garden customers.


  • There is no fee for this type of event apart from an 18% gratuity for our staff that we add to tabs. Tabs may be run on a credit card. 


Private Events

To reserve the whole beer garden and close it to the public:

  • Planning Requirements

Let us know at least 10 days in advance how many people you expect, the date of the event, and the starting and finishing time. We will then quote you a minimum price. 


  • Fee

Private events require a 50% deposit of the quoted price that is fully refundable only if you cancel at least 10 days prior to the event or if we have to cancel because of rain. 


  • Event tabs may be run on a credit card to which we add an 18% gratuity for our staff. 


We are closed on Mondays, but do occasionally open for large private events. 


For questions and further information contact Eva at ​

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